Who Do You Think You Are?

Who Do You Think You Are? is one of the most wonderful experiences of all my born days. I have indeed been amazed, and as Dario predicted, I have wept my way through some of the revelations. The producer said he would bet his career on my episode, and yes, he gets to keep his career. It is a doozie. I can’t reveal anything as yet; it airs 8 April, then I can discuss the extraordinary people who are my ancestors! The researchers began working on my genealogy a year ago! They asked what I might like to learn, what questions I might have for my people. I said I wondered if there were any activists in my background, any agitators for social change, champions of the poor, or reform. Were there people of exceptional faith, charity, hope? Who was the God of my ancestors’ understanding? Were there any rabble rousers? Is there an explanation for where my urgent need for justice comes from, my passion for ecumenical tolerance, my desire to protect the vulnerable, for a fair, equitable society? I have had many of these questions answered in spades. I can give one hint: Today I was at Cambridge University. When the porter who escorted me asked what all I might like to see, I said, “the lecture halls.” I miss graduate school. I dearly miss being dedicated exclusively to study. I am very afraid of neglecting my intellectual growth.


Kids have nominated me for best movie performance for my role as “Carley” in Tooth Fairy! Voting begins 7 March on nick.com. The film was such fun to make, and I laughed and cried my way through it. Is that silly to say about a movie I am in? I loved its values and heart, and in addition to having a wonderful experience, I gained a precious friend, Destiny Whitlock, the beautiful girl who plays my daughter.