Thanksgiving Day, 2010

As always, I enjoy this day of quiet gratitude and contemplation; quiet that is, until the cooking begins to crescendo and reaches it’s feverish pitch, all hinging on the timing of Nana’s delicious yeast rolls coming of the oven after the bird has rested for 15 minutes and mother has nurtured the gravy (or “fat pudding” as she calls it!). The rolls are a big deal for me; for years, they betrayed me, and mom would keep a batch of Sister Shubert frozen yeast rolls on hand to cover my failure. Once I cracked those yeast rolls, though, they no longer intimated me, and I make them several times through out the year. I have posted its all over the pages featuring the recipe (which is available in Mom’s cook book) to walk me through how early I have to start the dough, as they require 3 risings and take about 4 hours altogether.

My day this year was different, as The Judds were on the road, I was editing my book and unable to go to Louisville to be with Dad and Mollie, so I had several Thanksgivings locally: some with friends at their homes, then one I hosted at our home for family of choice. The prayer and memory of the first Thanksgiving when our Pilgrim Mothers and Fathers were saved by Natives in a spirit of ecumenical fellowship was, as always the highlight for me, followed closely by left overs. There i something about pumpkin pie for breakfast that I just love.

My day had a strange feature in that an interview I did for CBS News’ Katie Couric played on national television. I don’t keep up with my press, and so I was confused when friends started texting me about my being on TV. My reaction was for my heart to pound and mind to race, a real “Oh, crap” reaction. Someone explained what she saw, and I realized it was indeed the interview I gave during the Clinton Global Initiative, at which I had served on several panels, mostly to do with public health, human rights, and the role of girls and women in building just, healthy, sustainable societies.

To my ongoing surprise, something I wrote on my recent trip to Congo was the lead story on Huffington Post Thanksgiving Day.