Returning to Congo with CGI

Dear Friends, July 15-21 I will be with my Clinton Global Initiative Lead cohort in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo. As I do on all my trips, I will keep a diary (my diaries from 13 countries are the basis for my book, All That Is Bitter and Sweet). As service permits, I will post some entries on my web site.

Our trip will focus on the relationship between the mining of Congo’s vast loads of tin, tungsten, tantalum, gold, and other minerals, gender violence, and forcibly displaced persons. Our hosts will be the International Rescue Committee, which has strong humanitarian and community presence in Congo, and Banro, the canadian mining company, which is seeking to improve its mining practices and impact on communities. My CGI Lead cohort and I are developing a way to positively impact forcibly displaced persons on four specific points: economic empowerment, education, empowering girls and women, and energy.

This is my 3rd trip to Congo, the 2nd one that focuses on violence, minerals, poverty. I am especially interested in talking with Banro; my last trip, I only saw their company helicopters as they came and went from doing business!

More to come. For information about conflict minerals, see the Enough! project.
To support women in conflict areas such as eastern DRC, see Women for Women International.
To help improve public health in Congo, which has had a recent outbreak of cholera, has high maternal mortality, high child mortality, etc., see PSI.
For more about CGI, see their website.