Ahhhh. Retreat! No way to describe them, just do one today. Seriously. Shades of Hope is the most incredible place to do recovery work in America. (I was lucky enough to actually host the full Shades of Hope experience at home, so I didn’t have to travel, but could still fully immerse myself in the routine of their 6 day intensive.) When I emerged from the retreat, I packed for 2+ weeks on the road, headed to Vanderbilt University to be on a panel about the meaning of public service, as inspired by President’s Kennedy’s marvelous speech given there 50 years ago. I was still in a bit of another world, up in the woods on spiritual retreat, although sitting on the panel, and I found myself mixing up words (“felicitous” for “serendipitous”). My dear friends from the Tennessee Immigration and Refugee Rights Coalition were there, and I grabbed big hugs (and cheerfully accepted a box of valentine chocolates) before boarding a bus to begin filming my very own episode of NBC’s “Who Do You Think You Are?” I am BESIDE myself with excitement about our genealogy being done, and the show itself is saying they are going to astound me with what they have researched. I am so thrilled and grateful!