Flypaper (2011)

(post-production) Filming entirely on one location in steamy Baton Rouge, this film marked my return to the creative process after a long period of “opting out” of acting, especially while having been pursuing my Master’s degree. Flypaper proved a delicious return to acting, because it was a) with friends, b) a hilarious screenplay and c) a total blast! A sorority sister introduced me to a local friend, who graciously provided me the most luxurious guesthouse accommodation, which the pets and I loved. Thus on every level, the experience was easy, nurturing, and positive. Tim Blake Nelson and I had worked together on Come Early Morning, and I love him like a brother; whether we are listening to obscure country and bluegrass, or doing random regional accents, or pontificating about our politics, he’s as much fun to be with as anyone I have ever worked with in my career. One of my favorite memories is being on set with the full cast, which for our patient director rob Minkoff was like herding cats, when we were about to role yet for some reason tim and I found it necessary to begin singing John Anderson’s corny classic “Swinging” at the top of our lungs. And “P Demp,” as I call him, is of course a car guy, so God knows we have plenty to talk about! The movie is super quirky and populated with fantastic character actors, who kept me equally entertained and impressed. I can’t wait to see how it comes out!