My Final Decision

It is official! I shall be starring in ABC TV’s new series, Missing! I came to my final decision with an intense amount of careful consideration. I have greatly enjoyed my semi-retirement from acting. The service work I do, the boards and leadership advisory councils on which I serve, and especially the international travel I undertake to see and love my brothers and sisters in our world’s slums, brothels, and forcibly displaced persons camps, is an integral pat of my soul, and the only kind of life I am interesting in living is one that comes from my soul. And what I have decided to boldly believe is that I can reconnect with the creative process on that sustained, full-time basis in ways that are congruent with how I construct meaning, that are in keeping with my values and principles. I have been taught that my recovery is portable, and that provided I am willing to do a few simple things every day, I will live on a difference basis. One of my favorite yoga teachers said to me yesterday, “you are rewriting the story of this part of your life.” I both loved and hated acting before recovery. In “Missing,” I am choosing to love every minute of it. Work can be, with the right attitude, fun, empowering, sacred, rewarding. It won’t always be easy, and hard times are inevitable. But as they saying goes, misery is optional! The process can even be an act of worship, and act of service. Shoot, that is what the Shakers believed, that every task, no matter how mundane, was a chance to connect with God as one understands God. I am on the board of Shaker Village, so I have no excuses!


One of my primary mentors said, as I was nearing my final decision, that his mentor long ago taught him that in life, we rarely know when we are making a decision, if it in fact is ultimately the right decision. What we have to do is make the best decision we can, with what we know in the moment, then immediately set about to living in such a way that we make it the right decision.