Modern Family Planning: An Urgent Need

Dear Friends,

I recently enjoyed a wonderful conversation with various experts about the urgent need for modern family planning for women around the world with a need to plan and space the birth of the children, but who do not have access (or knowledge of) their options. The talk, hosted by the London School of Economics, was in conjunction with the Family Planning Summit. It was marvelous–hearing my fellow panelists was a dynamic education, and the student questions were utterly fantastic. Here is the link, as well as two Op-Ed pieces, one by the beautifully brave Melinda Gates, the other by me, to help orient you to the realities and numbers. It’s thrilling to know that we can and we will help 120 million vulnerable girls and woman prevent 100 million unintended pregnancies by 2020. This also prevents, literally, tens of thousands of abortions: and about that, there is no controversy. For a wonderful video on these powerful numbers, and the cascade of positive outcomes that benefit families and communities when family planning is in place, see this article, your jaw will drop! It’s all great news for the impatient optimist.