Mid Ohio Race, Indy Racing League

That was one fantastic pit stop.
Once the 10 car came out P1 after the first round of stops, I relaxed,
perhaps too much. After all, the fastest car does not always win
and “it’s never over til it’s over. But with Dario in the lead,
and as much as any track “owes” any driver,
Mid-Ohio owing him a win, I was confident
he would stand in the center of the podium.
I have been with him here since 1999, when
Montoya and he were slugging it out for the championship,
I have seen him have massive leads that fizzled for a variety of
reasons, inane and frustrating.
whether due to a slow puncture
or a rare driver error (spinning on a re start with 8 laps to go,
when he was leading!). So, big congrats to Target Chip Ganessi and Dario for a terrific win, cutting into Power’s championship lead.
I loved Power’s aside to Dario in victory circle, talking about how could not even get a good look on him:
“Bugger’s got too much experience!”
With ovals remaining, all of which are surfaces on which
Dario has excelled or won, this championship is far from over!