In the Same Sentence as Demond Tutu

To hear my name said in the same sentence as Desmond Tutu’s last night at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco gave me an opportunity to reflect on the richness of my life’s arc. Having been asked to help host this special event to raise money for Grace, an American icon of inclusive and compassionate Christian love, I was enormously pleased when Father responded to my e mail last October that indeed, although he is retired, he would fry from RSA to attend our occasion, and speak. In April, I will post an audio file (I need to embargo it for a short while) of the remarks I made as I introduced this great man, in which I shared how he became known to me as the fiery, faith based conscience of the anti-Apartheid struggle when I was an 18-year-old undergrad at UK. (Of course, I revere Madiba, ands have a beautiful portrait of him in our home, like a venerated icon. But because of my interesting connection to Father from when I was such a young woman, he is my most special hero.) In the audio file, you will also he hear the very divinely timed ringing of Grace Cathedral’s bells, an unplanned occurrence that literally took the collective breathe of the large, elegant crowd away. In a room full of accomplished people who routinely enjoy the best of what the world has to offer, the moment was sublime and a reminder that God’s grace, which is free, is the most coveted and precious thing of all.