From the Democratic Republic of Congo

dear friends:
i am currently in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo for the second
time, examining the connection between the mining of minerals
essential for our electronics, and the mass gang rape
of hundreds of thousands of Congolese girls and women.
these diary entries are a small portion of my writings from the field,
and will be published spring, 2010, in my forthcoming book,
All That is Bitter and Sweet. I am traveling with Enough!, The Project
to End Genocide founder and human rights legend, John Prendegrast.

Check out and to immediately
send emails to the world’s top 20 electronics manufacturers demanding a clean supply chain of minerals.

Of course, I never entirely take off my public health hat, so I am equally exploring public health crisis such as malaria, lack of family planning, water born disease, and the grassroots and structural changes that empower the lives of vulnerable populations.

Here are three things I’ve written recently about my experiences: