• I am very proud to serve on Shaker Village‘s board!
  • This talk was given by son of Appalachia, Silas House, a great friend who was recently appointed director of Appalachian Studies at Berea College. Silas, I am proud of you!
  • Women for Women
    This organization transforms the lives of women survivors of armed conflict. I urge you to link now to sponsor a women, and have the moving, empowering experience of connecting directly with a sister in a war torn country who is being economically, civically, politically, and culturally empowered through sponsorship and WFWI’s grassroots programs. I am incredibly fortunate to know found Zainib Salbi personally, and think this organization will win a Nobel Peace Prize someday. I have visited programs in Rwanda and Congo; the difference in the spirit of a survivor reached by WFWI is dramatic. I have sponsored sisters for years now, and treasure their letters.Zainib’s memoir, Between Two Worlds, is a must-read. Equally, Lisa Shannon’s just published A Thousand Sisters chronicles her awakening to the crisis in eastern Congo, her passionate commitment to sponsoring women through WFWI, and the courageous trip she took to meet them in person, while organizing Run For Congo Women, runforcongowomen.orgYou can read about my most recent visit to WFWI under the “writings” tab, in my August 2010 diaries.
  • Enough and Hope for
    What is your “enough moment;” have you had enough of genocide, rape, and child soldiers? Are you prepared to accept that your electronics contribute directly to mass atrocities in eastern Congo?Click now to send letters to 20 electronics manufactures, insisting on a clean supply of the 3 T’s in our electronics, as well as watching videos from Upstanders around the world who share with you what their Enough Moment was.Also, read John Prendergast and Don Cheadle’s inspiring and informative book, The Enough Moment
  • Population Services
    How it all began for me! Approached in 2003 by the great Kate Roberts to become Global Ambassador for PSI’s YouthAIDS, representing our HIV/AIDS prevention programs in 65 countries, I was soon invited to join the board of directors, on which I continue to serve. PSI is a grassroots, public health non governmental organization that uses social marketing to empower the health and lives of the world’s most vulnerable and poor populations. I have visited our platforms in 13 countries thus far, and am profoundly grateful for the ongoing service opportunity and education PSI and its talented, dedicated world wide staff provide me. Our health interventions include: malaria prevention and treatment; diarrheal disease prevention and treatment; family planning; maternal health; child survival; micronutrients; HIV/STI prevention (and STI treatment); point of use water purification. Log on now to see how this extraordinary agency has added hundreds of millions of healthy days of life to those who therwise would have either fallen sick, or died!!!!
  • Dario Franchitti:
    My husband!!!
    My big sister, often called the greatest voice of her generation, may be playing near you soon! Check her out. Her album, Sing, is perhaps one of my all time favorites. On early mornings in graduate school when I was dragging, I would put it on to help me re connect with the sheer wonder of my life and gratitude for my amazing opportunities.
  • Naomi
    My mother is a dynamic, brilliant, and diverse woman. On her web site, you will learn everything from complementary medicine to folksy truisms that will tickle your funny bone while also pausing and making you think!
  • Cat’s and University of Kentucky Athletics Department:ukathletics.comGo Big Blue!!!! ‘Nuff said!
  • American Beauty: It’s humbling and fun to be the face of American Beauty. Wary of such an idea when first approached, I came to appreciate the company’s values, especially the many bright, hard working, empowered women serving in very high ranking executive positions within both American Beauty and Estee Lauder as a whole. Our photo shoots are always energetic, spirited affairs during which I feel absolutely gorgeous! I use American Beauty at home and on the road. The products, packaging, and ease are wonderful. There is a mixture of simplicity and elegance that appeals to me.
  • Families for Depression Awareness: While speaking at the venerable Ford Hall in Boston, I was passed a letter from a depression awareness organization with which I had been unfamiliar. Turns out, Families for Depression Awareness is an outstanding group doing critical and life saving work. 1 in 4 American women will experience major depression in their life time. Depression is significantly under diagnosed in our country. Suicide occurs every 17 minutes, and even that is an under reporting: cause of death is often listed as accident, when many of those are in fact suicides. Families for Depression Awareness can help you understand and find help for your own, or a friend or loved one’s depression.
  • Clarity Consulting:
    Our computer guy. Dario and I both count on Jimmy Miller at Clarity for all our IT work. From networks to computer help, Jimmy’s work is invaluable, reliable, fast and secure. Visit him at

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