Flypaper and Wildcats

Busy weekend! Flypaper premieres at Sundance Film Festival, the film I had a blast making with Patrick Dempsey, Jeffrey Tambour, and my great pal, Tim Blake Nelson. It is also the anniversary of Ruby in Paradise winning the Sundance Film Fest in 1993, setting my trajectory in Hollywood in motion. Dario is racing in the 24 hours of Daytona, and ultimately will be so close to winning the iconic race, after he in particular does a stunning job in the car. But, dare I say it, most importantly, I am at a UK game!!!! The Cats looked good. I didn’t mind the diminished quality of the play in second half as much as some. I was just thrilled to be in Rupp Arena, and it was great to get real time eyeballs on the squad. Jones is a lovely player and Knight’s flashiness, when it, well, flashes, can be breathtaking. Lamb is a shooter, and how fun it is to have one of those! I appreciate Josh’s emergence, and Liggins, because of his D, is my all around favorite. I love the way his long arms disrupt the passing lanes. I have been saying we need Darius’ mid range game, and by that I think we would then have effective shooters from all over the floor. That statement is not to diminish his obvious need to take it to the hole and finish strong!!!!!!! We are inconsistent, though; I think emotionally/psychologically they need a lot of positive reinforcement and to be built up. I love being here, and appreciated there was someone else to the “Y!” I like just being a fan. Well….a fan who, today, was invited to the locker room. They are a friendly, warm group of guys and I hope am afforded the chance to get to know them better. Trips to Lexington are the best because I combine basketball with family. My great aunts and uncles are dear to me, and my great aunts in particular are the holders of much knowledge about the family from my generations back. I am riveted by their tales and so enjoy their willingness to share. You can hear my chat with Voice of the Wildcats Tom Leach at the January 28 episode of his radio show.