First Post

What a giddy, heady (and hearty) time!
Graduation! The 500!  Starting to film “Flypaper!”
The abundance has me laughing, while holding it loosely.
As with all things, “Positive” and “negative,” this, too shall pass.

I am looking forward to the film, as Patrick Dempsy is a pal of both Dario’s and mine (car nut, check). Tim Blake Nelson and I worked together on “Come Early Morning” and I adore him. It’s hard to keep a straight face with him, and I expect his “Peanutbutter” will keep me in stitches.

The first hydrangeas are blooming. Everything that comes into bloom consoles the wistfulness for what is  fading. I don’t think I can’t stand the daffodils being done, but then the pom pom bushes take over. And once they finish, the magnolia trees start to bloom.

Today I watched a hummingbird take her ablutions; it was long, quiet moment of awe. I hadn’t never seen a hummingbird groom herself, and I felt like Degas watching a bather, riveted, but knowing I was seeing something private. She was deeply hidden inside my oldest New Dawn Rose vine, and as I was indoors, I could see her though open windows. It was…special.

I haven’t seen an Oriole yet this year, although I’ve heard tell some are around. The bobwhites are calling a lot.

I hope they have whipperwhols in Louisiana; it ain’t summer ‘less there’s a whipperwhol about.