Ashley Judd in the film HelenSynopsis: Ashley Judd portrays Helen a beautiful, intelligent university professor who is happily married to David (Goran Visnjic) and enjoys a loving relationship with her teenage daughter, Julie (Alexia Fast), from a previous marriage. Despite all her good fortunes, Helen is hiding a secret; and a sudden, unexpected breakdown sends her spiraling into severe depression. Helen’s profound love for her family, which once made them inseparable, now is tearing them apart. Amid the desperate battle for her life, her love and her sanity, Helen finds herself pulling away from David and seeking comfort from a fierce yet fragile, enigmatic and troubled young woman, Mathilda (Lauren Lee Smith), who is also struggling with a mental disorder – and whose extraordinary spirit and devotion shines like a flickering light inside Helen’s darkness.   (more…)

Helen is my most personal film to date, the most ambitious, most daring and heartfelt one. I believe in this film not only because I wanted to tell the hopeful story of one woman’s battle with — and survival of — a debilitating and dangerous illness, but because it is first and foremost a love story, a tale of a family touched by tragedy, a testimony of an exceptional friendship and of what some of us are willing to bear for the ones we love. Helen is no movie of the week; it’s elliptic and dark, it makes no claims, it attempts no explanation. If it succeeds, it will be a glimpse of a tortured soul, a montage of moments within a story of a handful of people brought together and torn apart by the love they feel for each other. And even though love can not always save us, it can sometimes shine a light in the darkness to guide us. The power of this light is what Helen is ultimately about.

—Sandra Nettelbeck, Director

Helen is now available on DVD and Blu-ray

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