“Ashley was an absolutely fabulous speaker. She was poised, serene, generous, and funny! She spoke honestly and from the heart about her experience with and recovery from major depression. Instead of reading scripted remarks from the podium, she stood in the middle of the stage and spoke extemporaneously and made direct eye contact with the room. I was really impressed by that. She kept right on point, and addressed the day’s topic (depression and heredity). She shared how she has overcome suicidal depression and not only learned to survive but to thrive. Many people in the audience were moved to tears and she received a standing ovation.”

Hope for Depression Research Foundation

“Ashley was amazing. Her remarks were so heart-felt and sincere. The audience was moved and impressed. [We] appreciated that she encouraged teachers to have greater concern for students’ welfare and to take care of themselves, so they can nurture others. I spoke to a group of attendees that have been to the conference every year for 10 years, and they all said she was the best celebrity speaker we’ve ever had, better than Bill Gates and Bill Clinton, she really connected with the audience.”

National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

“Ashley brought such a broad and human perspective to our conversation about women’s leadership – she used great empathy, personal stories and just the right amount of wit to connect with the audience in the theater and online. It’s not easy to share the stage with Senators and police chiefs, but Ashley’s thoughtful perspective on how women’s lives prepare them to lead was absolutely a central part of our panel discussion.”

Emily’s List