What a pleasure to wake up in the middle of the night,
Congo time, and see an inundation of texts from family and friends,
immediately alerting to me to Dario’s win in Chicago.
What a great result! Neat to hear about Wheldon and Dario doing the
teammate thing; Tony Kanaan and Dario are the masters, and it’s interesting to watch that kind of beautiful, fluid, canny collaboration. I remember Dario being with Andretti Green and TK and he showing a then-19 year old Marco Andretti the ropes. Of course, Marco is gifted and nearly won his first Indy 500, but even for the gifted there is no substitute for putting in the laps, and learning from one’s, oh, dare I say it, elders!

This kind of racing is a a for-real ‘wing man” relationship.
Congrats, Target Chip Ganessi and the 10 car, and Dario for his 26th open wheel victory.

That Indy Racing League fight is getting more intense by the race,
but I’ve been here before, and know to just sit back, lap by lap,
and let it unfold. It’s gonna be what it’s gonna be.

And, congrats to pal Max Papis for an awesome 2nd place in the Cup race!