Chapter 8: Rohingya Refugee Camp: Food Crush

Walking through the camp, there is a sudden crash at a low bamboo “gate.”  Very small children are inside the courtyard and others outside are straining. From somewhere more deep within, that I cannot see, the littlest of children  are apparently being handed styrofoam containers held together with a single rubber band.  Food.  Food distribution […]


Chapter 3: Rohingya Refugee Camp | Ajida

A baby goat has its head in a small watermelon, gutting the rind for any nutrition left.  We are on our way Kutupalong Extension Area, Camps D 5, to visit midwives.  Midwives have been busy since the Rohingya crisis of August 2017 began.  They have screened more than 170,000 women. 40,000 women have received antenatal […]


Chapter 1: Rohingya Refugee Camp

Six bricks make a surround for a small open flame, a dented and black scalded kettle sitting on top of them. The service is for construction workers tackling the dozen open sided buildings that surround our hotel. The seaside town is dusty, colorful, people filled, litter-strewn. Our lead driver is a police officer, something the […]

The Day Buttermilk Wouldn’t Run

Buttermilk has been with me a decade, my constant companion. I know him better than I have known any human, and he surely knows me better than anyone. I call him my thighbone; we sleep alongside one another in such a way that we are always touching and cuddling. We don’t like to be apart, not one bit. So, as he goes wherever I go, he went home with me to Eastern Kentucky in September for a visit.