Women’s March on Washington: Nasty Woman

Today (Saturday, January 21, 2017) was outrageously wonderful and powerful. Seeing the love and the power of equality in the hundreds of thousands who attended the Women’s March on Washington was electrifying. Thank you to the great 19 year old poet, Nina Donovan for allowing me to share her words today. All of the credit […]

We Can’t Ignore Refugees’ Sexual Health

Girls and women should feel empowered As I recently saw in Jordan, Turkey and Ukraine, refugees need a chaos-free, safe place to live. They need to eat and drink. Their children need schooling. They exercise and relax. They paint, cook, act, sing, dance, do yoga and shop. They also become intimate. Girls and women become […]

Ebola and health care’s ‘Achilles’ heel’

Editor’s note: Ashley Judd is an actor, author, advocate and global ambassador for Population Services International, a global health organization, http://www.psi.org/ and Karl Hofmann is the president and CEO of PSI. Follow Ashley Judd on Twitter at @AshleyJudd and Karl Hofmann at @KarlHofmannPSI (CNN) — The first case of Ebola in the United States was […]



The issue at hand is the illegal violation of my privacy in that a tracking device was secretly and unlawfully placed on my vehicle. For my safety and that of everyone around me, I naturally filed a police report, as any citizen would and should. The media is unfortunately aggressively pursuing and publishing details, some […]

Thank You

Over the past several months, I’ve been deeply moved by the resiliency, grace, and spirit of the many Kentuckians I’ve been honored to encounter as I’ve travelled our great state. After hearing your voices and stories – your dreams for your families and the many hurts you’ve experienced – it’s profoundly clear Kentucky needs leaders […]

Equal Pay in President Obama’s White House

This President and this Administration take a back seat to no one on promoting women in workforce. If you look at the President’s record in this area, his actions speak for themselves. The President’s two Supreme Court nominees were both extraordinary women and by all accounts have already made outstanding contributions to the Court as […]

Modern Family Planning: An Urgent Need

Dear Friends, I recently enjoyed a wonderful conversation with various experts about the urgent need for modern family planning for women around the world with a need to plan and space the birth of the children, but who do not have access (or knowledge of) their options. The talk, hosted by the London School of […]