This is as busy a time in my life as I can remember. I am reading tons of scripts, looking perhaps for an interesting TV project that fills very strict criteria, working on the Clinton Global Initiative Lead, “Rethinking Refugees” project, serving still on PSI’s board, organizing an event in San Francisco for Defenders of Wildlife, on whose board I serve, hosting Archbishop Desmond Tutu at Grace Cathedral in San Fran, trying to keep up with International Center for Research on Women’s amazing output of research, doing the post book housekeeping that is required, such as being updated on the book tour which looks exciting/daunting/what the heck have I gotten myself into?, fielding a steady stream of requests, managing correspondence, traveling to be with Dario as he accepts high honors at the Scottish Motor Racing Driver’s annual dinner, etc. It doesn’t look like much when I write it out…but it feels like a lot! I am taking my annual, never-mess-with-for-any-reason recovery retreat soon. I expect to have a deeply restorative, cathartic, healing, pleasurable time. I love sitting in healing circle, doing powerful work!