All That Is Bitter And Sweet is complete. I. Had. No. Idea. A. Book. Was. Such. Hard. Work!!! I was very happy to turn it in, and immediately began having intense life dreams, rich with symbolism filled with animal totems that will take me months to process. The epilogue felt like a coup de grace, and although what I wrote was too long for the book, it can live elsewhere as a long journalism piece. After my nap, I flew to Detroit to enjoy seeing Dario pick up his personal Borg Warner trophy for having won the 2010 Indy 500. We had tea with his mentors, Sir Jackie and Lady Helen Stewart, whom I enjoy so much. Their company, plus watching Jackie guide my husband, is a special pleasure. Jackie invited us to a posh “Captains of Industry” dinner, filled with governors, senators, CEO’s, CFO’s, etc. from all the big auto makers, housing industry, etc. I was invited to say a words, and got the crowd laughing when I started with, “I have been so cold all night, at first I thought the heating had failed, then I realized, maybe it’s because I am a Democrat.” It was a right-leaning crowd, to say the least, and it was good fun, especially because I robustly rebutted that housing industry guy!