The Long Journey Home

In the midst of the long journey home from Africa (about 27 hours), there is still so much to write…I trust the details are in me, undiluted, and that they will flow on to the page when I start to right. For now, I need to sleep. As with my last time to Congo, I […]

From the Democratic Republic of Congo

dear friends: i am currently in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo for the second time, examining the connection between the mining of minerals essential for our electronics, and the mass gang rape of hundreds of thousands of Congolese girls and women. these diary entries are a small portion of my writings from the field, and […]


What a pleasure to wake up in the middle of the night, Congo time, and see an inundation of texts from family and friends, immediately alerting to me to Dario’s win in Chicago. What a great result! Neat to hear about Wheldon and Dario doing the teammate thing; Tony Kanaan and Dario are the masters, […]

Third Place Feels Disappointing…

Given Dario’s commanding dominance at Infineon in 2009, 3rd place somehow feels a little disappointing. I am truly a very spoiled racing spouse, no doubt about it! Teammate Scott Dixon being a bit quicker and Dario letting him by reminded me of Houston, 1999, when Dario’s then-Team Kool Green teammate Paul Tracy was leading, but […]

In the Creek

I’ve been in the creek. The searing summer heat we’ve been having seems to have finally broken, but it’s memory from yesterday and the blazing weeks prior propelled me into the cold, fresh water. There was the merest suggestion in the wind as I walked into the woods of something cool, the time of the […]

Mid Ohio Race, Indy Racing League

That was one fantastic pit stop. Once the 10 car came out P1 after the first round of stops, I relaxed, perhaps too much. After all, the fastest car does not always win and “it’s never over til it’s over. But with Dario in the lead, and as much as any track “owes” any driver, […]

First Post

What a giddy, heady (and hearty) time! Graduation! The 500!  Starting to film “Flypaper!” The abundance has me laughing, while holding it loosely. As with all things, “Positive” and “negative,” this, too shall pass. I am looking forward to the film, as Patrick Dempsy is a pal of both Dario’s and mine (car nut, check). […]

Women Deliver Conference Essay

Ten years ago the United States joined 188 United Nations Member States in adopting the Millennium Declaration and its eight lofty goals that set a collective vision for the future — one with less poverty, hunger and disease, more opportunities for women, and greater prospects for survival for mothers and infants.